SEARCH Introduces New Online Course

New SEARCH Online Course

New SEARCH Online Course

by Timothy Lott -
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Law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and forensic examiners are having to process increasingly larger datasets to find evidence relevant to their investigations. In response to search warrants companies often respond with records in .csv, .tsv and other delimited formats which can be difficult to interpret.

However most law enforcement have a tool that can make life much easier when faced with large data sets. Microsoft Excel is perhaps one of the most underrated forensic and investigative tools.

Excel enables user's to sort, organize, filter, simplify, normalize and format data. User's can convert between time zones, or quickly find information that appears most frequently. Data can be conditionally formatted to highlight the most important information.

This course is designed to teach investigators, prosecutors and forensic examiners who have a basic understanding of Excel the tips, tricks and tweaks that will make their investigations more efficient and more effective.